Afterhours iTunes Teaser

Afterhours iTunes Teaser

Ian Post and his Afterhours bunch release this year their very first Afterhours flick that is called by the same crews‘ name, Afterhours and includes rad snowboarding by Luke Haddock, Yale Cousino, Riley Nickerson, John Murphy, Hans Mindnich, Nils Mindnich, Jeremy Cloutier, Phil Tardif, Zack Wilmot, Ralph Kucharek, Shaun Murphy, Nic Marcoux, Nick Poohachoff, Kim Rune Hansen, Keenan Cawley, Sawyer Deen, Tyler Lynch, Zander Blackmon, Charles Reid, Nial Romanek, Alan Parenteau, Jeff Deforge, Ian Boll and more friends. After their Stitched Up, Clipped Up stuff, the guys apparently worked their asses really off this season to even be able to make it on iTunes directly and went much bigger since their old times back then. This is their iTunes Teaser, that doesn’t disappoint at all, so make sure to get that thing at least digitally, until the dudes release the hard copies of it and click here!

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