Ashbury Demo 2012

Ashbury Demo 2012

It comes a bit late, but better now than never. Ashbury managed to drop finally their own edit of the 2012 Demo at Bear Mountain, since we’ve only seen the Videograss edit until now. Enjoy illest action with all the dudes, such as Justin Fronius, Cody Beiersdorf, Brandon Hobush, Dan Liedahl, Deadlung, Zach Rawless, Blake Geis, Mike Wick, Pat Fava, Lancer Hakker, Durrel Williams, Richie Conklin, , Daniel Brown, Erik Leon, Jeremy Estorga, Frank April, Jonah Owen, ColeLinzmeyer, Jake OE, Spencer Schubert and Louif Paradis for example, taking the Big Bear down.

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