Aunti Radd – Don’t Give a Bloody Sox!! TEASER

Aunti Radd - Don't Give a Bloody Sox!! TEASER

When hearing that a crew is formed by some Colorado locals it already is promising in a way, since you’ll be able to expect solid and serious snowboarding from these Rocky heads. The difference to this teaser here: The Aunti Radd posse already made their debut last year with their Mother Falcon Ship film (watch here in full length), which was dope as fuck and their 2013 teaser doesn’t look like as it would lay behind in any way. It’s the opposite: It even looks better. Punk attitude, a solid soundtrack and a sketchy title is what you get here: Don’t Give a Bloody Sox!!. Digg this film and look forward to watch it in full length in this year’s fall, including sick snowboarding by Ben Berberich, Cody Potter, Greyson Clifford, Joseph Dryer, Lou Macias, Mark Rainery, Niko Nakamura, Sean Fithian, Tom Semotuk, Tyler Morton and friends.

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