Bamboo Motion Pictures | „Good Times Rollin‘ “ teaser

„The Bamboo crew“ is ripping since 2005, but you might have heard of them back then as „Homoality“. These Austrian dudes are as many else, in first row a bunch of friends and shred buds, who want to enjoy good times shredding and filming on low budget. No matter what, the teaser looks pretty cool. „Good Times Rollin‘ “ will be released in this year’s fall and features riding by Marc Swoboda, Clemens Schattschneider, Dominik Wagner, Gerald Fuchs, Matthias Gober, Rudi Janda, Robert Wallner, Dominik Weghaupt , Jasmin Reischer, Karli Terzer, Robert Mathera, Seppi Ischep, Florian Galler, Christne Szumovski, Lisa Harml, Kathrin Holzmann and more!

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