Fight incident at Breaka Burleigh Pro


In the recent report about the Breaka Burleigh Pro contest we mentioned the little happening between Sunny Garcia, Jeremy Flores and a local surfer. After the fight both riders got consequently disqualified from the contest.

What really happened, is that Sunny Garcia’s son got pushed by a local surfer and started being a little rough on the young 16-year old. Jeremy Flores stood up for his friend’s child and got into the fight with the local. The rest of the story has already been told. The reactions are understandable, but still though did the ASP carry out a new rule, which says that there is no kind of violence tolerated on their profesional sport events. Further reactions by a disciplinary committee are expected.

Flores was kind enough to give a statement about the incident on his blog, to let everyone know what really was the case and to make clear, that he is not some agressive beater and just stood up for a friend:

Hey for now, all i can say is that everything that has been said on the news and all the stories people hear are told in a different way which makes it look very bad. I just stood up for 16 years old Stone Garcia while a local surfer was getting aggressive with him. Next thing,everybody knows,he got aggressive with me, i defended myself and we went at each other fighting face to face all the way to the beach.Somebody told Stone’s dad,Sunny Garcia,that his son was in trouble so he ran down.Any parents would of done the same thing if their son were in trouble. Anyway,the ASP decided to take me out of the event because a new rule says that no violence should be tolerated in a professional event,i agree with that rule 100% but it wasn’t the case for me,i just defended myself while i was training in the contest area before my heat. People have to understand that family and friends are everything for me and i will never walk away from it (especially when it’s a under 18 boy ). I hate violence and i never get into any troubles like that. I love Australia and i have most of my best friends here. All the Burleigh boys have always been so nice to me so i won’t let this story change that. I’m so sad this story happened but i don’t regret anything,these things happen in life unfortunately and i will never let anyone walk thru me !

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