What We Want Films – Levity FULL MOVIE

What We Want Films – Levity FULL MOVIE

Gérome Mathieu and Tyler Chorlton are our two heros of the season. Why is that? They do what they want and that’s how they called their new production What We Want Films. In times where you barely can click through the snowboarding web, without getting to watch an urban edit (not that we would hate on it, but it brings other stuff to the edge..), the two pros throw out  their first full length movie called Levity, that is the complete opposite. Bad-ass freeriding over almost 30 min. that you won’t regret at all. The guys travelled all season long and shot the flick in Europe, Turkey, Japan, Canada and the USA together with Marc Vaudroz, Valérian Ducourtil, Johann Baisamy, Ethan Morgan, Kevin Backstrom, Martin Gallant (!), Kareem El Rafie, Mati Radaelli, Christian Weber and Gaetan Chanut. Gérome and Tyler already got it pretty safe that they will shoot again for their What We Want Films next season, so watch out next year for their second flick, but for now enjoy their Levity film. It’s fucking pow! pow! 

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