Fredrik Austbø on Rhythm

Fredrik Austbø on Rythm

Norwegian pro snowboarder (..and skater!) Fredrik Austbø is one of the best rounded snowboarders out there in the game. Fox started already by the age of only 14 years throwing out video parts, back then as one of the Burton Groms in Standard Films White Balance. That and other career highlights of such an allrounder talent like also a Bowl Skater of the Year Title, is what makes Fredrik fitting so well into the Rythm family, that is designed by the influence of art, music and lifestyle and regard the overall board sports, as an unique way of art and self-expression. That been said, congrats Freddie!

\\ if you want to see some of Freddie’s skills, weither on the skate deck or on snow, check out this sick-ass edit of his trip to Cali from last year ..ripper!

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