Friends Productions – Love Winter FULL FILM

Friends Productions - Love Winter FULL FILM

If it’s one country in particular that came up bigger than ever before on the web in this year, it certainly is Spain. A lot of heads with a different approach to film making, but all with the same love and with a solid trick bag that is not only shown „like that“ -all of them really try to do their stuff well and clean and most of them actually do so. The overall trick level is solid average when comparing to other crews on the web, but hell  ..Friends ProductionsLove Winter has it all. It has urban, backcountry and that character we’re missing a lot lately: You want to go shred asap when watching this one. The editing looks nice and so are the tunes that accompany you while watching Pablo Infantes, Eduardo Vicente, Carlos Hernandez, Oscar Valencia, Borja Merigo, living legend Iker Fernandez, Santi Cabrero, Mikel Pascual, Aitor Perez Fliustas and Toto Chamarro ripping it. That been said, I don’t know why the heck you’re still reading my shitty lines here and haven’t pushed „play“ yet fools. #DIG_IT

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