Grindhouse – Prequel: A-Side FULL MOVIE

Grindhouse – Prequel: A-Side FULL MOVIE

The Grindhouse posse threw out their side-project (?) called Prequel: A-Side that will be more or less the tribute to indoor snowboarding let’s say ..but don’t hate shit here people, these kids don’t got anything else besides those stinky-ass dry slopes. Pure indoor snowboarding but ..bla, bla. Bottom line: THEY RIPP. Check out Si Foster, John Weatherley, Ian Ashmore, Jonny Russell, Tom Guilmard, Jamie Nicholls, Ross Needham, Luke Lightwood, Doug Johnson, Ollie Dutton, Charlie Quinn, Charles Clarke, Andy Nudds, Oliver Waters, Pat Hobson, Matt Macwhirter, Gareth Andrews, Ben Wall and Will Smith showing you how they do in the UK. 

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