Grobes Haus Productions – Three Colors TEASER

Grobes Haus Productions - Three Colors TEASER

The Italian up coming production of Grobes Haus (yeah we know it sounds more German than anything else, but it remains Italian!) is about to throw out a short flick on May 7th called Three Colors. Behind Grobes Haus stands female filmer Francesca Casagrande (now you might know where the name comes from..) who was in charge of the YesWeCamp stuff and the respective edits from Les Deux Alpes last season and we are pumped on working together with her and are looking forward to get more edits and the full length version of course of that Three Colors short, that will feature good ass snowboarding by Marco Donzelli, Daniel Van Keulen, Jacco Bos, Mitch Dalle and Gian Marco Maiocco. What the plans of Francesca with Grobes Haus are and what will be next you’ll be able to read here soon, but until then digg that teaser and show some love to their fanpage via the link below. Grazie!

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