Isenseven – A Way We Go TRAILER

Isenseven - A Way We Go TRAILER

A Way We Go is the title of Isenseven’s latest film project that will pop out in this year’s fall featuring Alex Tank, David Bertschinger Karg, Stephan Maurer, Wojtek Pawlusiak, Ludwig Lejkner and cameos by Marco Smolla, Philipp Strauss, Tobias Strauss, Boris Bühler and friends. This is #12 in a row when looking back on their movie road and hell, not only the rider lineups‘ change from time to time, but also the overall image and actual work behind a project like this one has changed in all these years. Alex Schiller looks to be giving the Isen films lately a more mature appearance in terms of the film’s atmosphere created through music, but also when looking at the fact of having now an snowboarding icon in their film, like Stephan Maurer for example. However this film will be looking like in the end, be sure to find as usual a soundtrack on this Isen flick, that you want to get on your music player a.s.a.p. and of course high quality snowboarding by any means.

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