It’s On TV Internet – TV Video Bevakning TEASER

It's On TV Internet - TV Video Bevakning TEASER

The guys who made their debut on the web last year with their It’s On TV Internet crew present their 2nd full length film project called TV Video Bevakning. Again you’ll get the idea pretty quick that this collective is totally low budget but well produced and foremost: It features good and entertaining snowboarding that makes you want to go shred, so what else do you need in a snowboard flick, hu? The only thing we noticed immediately is that the last year’s lineup shrank pretty rough but are positive on the fact that this won’t really cut down the quality in this film, that includes TV stunts on snow and in color by Jonas Wilhelmson, Alexander Davidson, Nils Arvidsson, Måns Hedberg, Carro Degardh, Tove Holmgren, Mark Van der Boon, Mattias Johanesson and friends in an internet near you in fall.

..if you want to check out their last year’s film debut FRAMED in full length, go here!

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