Jambox Shred Gear – Trash Edit #5 Crew Fest

Jambox Shred Gear - Trash Edit #5 Crew Fest

The guys of the Jambox Shred Gear from the Midwest dropped their latest Trash Edit featuring their Crew Fest Weekend, that went down at Mont du Lac one month back, of which they still will throw out an official edit in fall. The idea behind their Trash Edits is pretty simple: Having fun, using a sub-par video recording device such as an iPhone, Contour, or GoPro and spend an unnecessary amount of time on production, polishing the turd. Enjoy Brian Wilson, Kai Sandal, Tony Marchetti and Colton Maddy with a few tricks by Jerome F, Tayler S, Danny K, Steve P, Jackson N, Mitch L, Vinny K and a bunch of more riders.

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