KBR’s ‚A Day in the Life with‘ Behind the Scenes

KBR’s ‘A Day in the Life with’ Behind the Scenes

Their 2012 teaser of the ‚Snake Bite‚ movie ain’t the only thing the KBR dudes have been up to lately. For their current movie, they though about dropping sort of a mini series, featuring „A Day in the Life with“ edits featuring their riders, showing stuff behind the actual movie and bringing you all the b-rolls which won’t make it into the final flick. The first three featuring Petrus Koskinen, Toni Kerkelä and Elias Veijola dropped already and you can be sure to check back on us to find the rest of them dropping here soon.

\\ A Day in the Life with Petrus Koskinen

\\ A Day in the Life with Toni Kerkelä

\\ A Day in the Life with Elias Veijola

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