LB-02 Teaser

LB 02 Teaser

We’ve shown you already the girls, so this one here is the men’s version from that LB (if someone could tell us what the hell that stands for we’d be grateful, cheers!) bunch, dropping their 2012 teaser of their LB prequel movie, LB-02. One thing we don’t get over is that some people never learn to PUT THE RIDER’S FULL NAMES IN THE DESCRIPTION (!!!) so that everyone knows who is in that movie!

anger is gone now, we’re down again there’s just left to say that these dudes are super technical as this teaser shows and shot most of their stuff at Bear apparently. Being under the Champion Visions label, it will get distributed in Japan, but riders in this one are North American and Asian as it looks like.

Riders featured: Ian, Tyler, Alex, Lenni, Masato Makoto, Eric, Lucas, Justin, Ben, Bob, Andrew Brent, Sawyer, Shane, Mike, Nate, Ryuichi Yuma, Michael, Naoto, Ayumu, Tsukasa, Tomii Megumi, Elise and friends.


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