Lipstick Productions – Eurotic Teaser

Lipstick Productions – Eurotic Teaser

After their last year’s movie 5 more minutes ..please?!, the ladies come this year with their latest project called Eurotic, that will be released in this year’s fall of course. This teaser has got it all really, the girls go from deep ass powder, to park shredding, over to urban street stuff and to the pipe as well and damn what a teaser they throw out. Best girls snowboarding meets the skills behind the lense of Rene Gallo and produce best snow porn in form of this wonderful Eurotic tease. We can’t wait really for this bomb to drop!

Riders featured: Basa Stevulova, Diana Sadlowski, Julia Baumgartner, Lisa Fizmoser, Ana Rumiha, Urska Pribosic, Conny Bleicher, Suray Fernandez, Ursina Haller, Sina Candrian, Aline Bock, Vera Janssen, Margot Rozies, Tini Gruber, Aimee Fuller and Tania Detomas.

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