Neoimpress – From Here Teaser

Neoimpress – From Here Teaser

Neoimpress is another snowboarding collective from the Far East that will make it to the bigger masses this year. The next Japanese full length production in line that will entertain us with their powder sprays in fall this year, has got a little bit more to offer though. From Here is the name of the production that we will enjoy in a few months and includes not just the typical Japan tree powder runs, but also damn good park and urban action, as well as one sick bowl session as you can see in the teaser.

Riders featuredTaro Furukawa, Naoki Ito, Shinjiro Hayashi, Yosuke Akagawa, Kenta Hayakawa, Hiroki Shimizu, Yuya Nakayama, Ryuta Asahi, Yuzo Atsuji, Rie Hayakawa and Yuki Okamoto.


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