Nitro Snowboards – Hyped! FULL MOVIE

Nitro Snowboards – Hyped! FULL MOVIE

First of all it was thought to be released on Ocotober 26th now, but in the end the guys over at Nitro tricked us a little bit and released their 2012 flick Hyped! today! The film features pretty much everything that snowboarding has to offer and shows you how damn fun snowboarding can be, even when working for it „..and if people aren’t impressed by it, then it’s fine because we didn’t set up to impress, we set up to enjoy ourselves“ (Knut Eliassen). This flick really makes you want to go shred A.S.A.P. with your friends. Hyped! features bad-ass snowboarding by Anton Gunnarsson, Austin Smith, Benny Urban, Bryan Fox, Cheryl Maas, Eero Ettala, Erik Botner, Gjermund Braaten, Jon Kooley, Justin Bennee, Knut Eliassen, Marc Swoboda and Markus Keller.

Please do watch until the very end to also see who of you folks won the guest part with his ONE RUN submission!

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