Oakley Airwave Goggle

Oakley Airwave Goggle

Oakley makes it happen and presents to you the first snowbaord goggle that includes a built in heads up display, to provide you with all the input you need while riding. All the input? What is the input you could need while riding, right ..you everything right in front of you. The technology that lays behind this incredible product is quite impressive, since that little goggle delivers you info on your air time when jumping, you can connect it to your iPhone, to read it when someone drops you a WhatsApp, info on altitude, instant access to avalanche info, but also other entertaining features including maps, temperature, speed, playlists and your homies on mountain location. Everything comes with Oakley’s well known now switch-lock system of course and a dope ass remote control that you apparently wear on your arm.
Bottom line: The features that Oakley’s Airwave Goggle includes are truly impressive, that’s for sure and some of them might be even useful, but overall it looks to us like being the iPad of snowboarding goggles. It has got plenty of stuff and it will probably work great, but still though it’s a tricky tool for people that need the latest, that got way too deep pockets and need something to play with. Beam me up Scotty and give me a break ..as if someone would like to concentrate on a display inside a goggle while riding. At least give that thing a browser to be able to get some porn then guys. Star Strek on snow starts its sale now on October 31st.

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