Pirates‘ „Bottom Line“ teaser

The Pirates release their 10th anniversary film teaser „Bottom Line“. Innsbruck is ready for a world premiere party of it’s own kind and we thank for a golden decade. The film comes with a 100-pages art book and will be available on iTunes from October on. „Bottom Line“ features riding by Marco Feichtner, Erik Botner, Gigi Rüf, Hans Ahlund, Markku Koski, Arthur Longo, Kalle Ohlson, Juuso Laivisto, Tyler Chorlton, Chris Sörman, Björn Hartweger, Teo Konttinen, Victor Teymurov, Stian Solberg, Gerome Mathieu, Werni Stock and Danny Larsen. Make sure to check out the tour dates for a stop near by your place.

track: „Meyrin Fields“ performed by Broken Bells.

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