Postland: Periscoping Beers & Bananas at L2A

Postland: Periscoping Beers & Bananas at L2A

The Postlanders keep us teased for their up coming Periscoping film (watch teaser here) and released this edit here from Les Deux Alpes, where they’ve joined the Garbage Gang on their camp week including Øivind Fykse, Lolololo, Nicolo Pezzato, Jochen Greven, Jesse Augustinus, Jeroen Kooistra, Veroniqi Hanssen, Jakub Szkaradek, Maxim Meyer, Elena Graglia, Gerben Verweij, Max De Vries, Olivier Maes and Kas Lemmens, going monkey tits in the park, enjoying good times with everybody and getting wasted at the bar. Beers and bananas!

..for the rest of the Periscoping edits that they’ve already dropped go here.

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