Seth Wescott interview

Seth Wescott is not that regular. The normal pro usually climbs his way up, getting bigger and better sponsors, who back him up that he shoots movie parts and rides contests. Then somewhen -and we’re glad that this trend is getting bigger and bigger each year- pros want to shred for them selves, chasing deep ass pow, featuring the gathered footy in a webisode or an own film project, like Jake Blauvelt, Gigi Rüff, Jeremy Jones or Antti Autti did or do now. Seth Wescott struggled his entire life just to being able to do one thing. Riding powder, but when you don’t got the right backup from your board company, things are not that easy. Seth is in the game since day 1 and Ed of BuoLoco hit him up to talk about the Olympics again, but also about riding pow pow.This one here is different. There are plenty of riders out there, who might not be able to get a part in a Capita movie, or get out to shoot for Standard or others. For these riders, who still though got skills, the Olympics offer a complete different chance. Watch this gnarly interview and be grateful that Ed picked out such one special like Seth is. Big ups Ed!

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