Shane Ruprecht | Poachers 10 FULL PART

Shane Ruprechts FULL PART | Poachers 10

Shane Ruprecht is one of the Bald E-Gal riders. But Bald E-Gal Productions is more than just about snowboard films. They set up several local events and are one of the big name local crews of the U.S. Mid-West, looking always forward to offer local shredders a plattform on the web, on-site when events are on and push each other straight. One of the PBRJ Stops is run by Bald E-Gal for example and when you look at the footage on their Vimeo channel, you also see next to the Shane Ruprechts and Ryan Pauls, also other local pros from around, as Cale Zima or Dan Brisse for example. As we said, it’s about showing support and push each other. See here Shane’s full part of the Bald E-Gal Poachers 10 film.

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