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One market we’d have never thought of really getting involved some years ago with our sport is the Appstore, or Google Play for Android users. Recently there has been a few apps dropping, but which were more about battling with your shred buddies, to mess on a few rounds of skate inspired H.O.R.S.E. games or something..

This app here is totally different and the first of it’s kind so far. Snowboard Tricklist for iPhone/iPad is your app to check out how your new tricks work and to take your riding to the next level. uStomp Snowboarding teamed up for this with Head Snowboards and Method Mag (who is probably the best partner they could get for this when thinking of the infamous Methodology DVD) to guarantee a solid and professional base for this project. A simple design and a well working menu, put the tricks into different categories and lets you find your next maneuver on your personal trick list easy. What follows are step-by-step instructions, featuring nice illustrations showing you how the trick looks like and a „grab-indicator“, showing you how and where to possibly grab that trick you’re looking at.

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Besides the usual expected app features, Snowboard Tricklist also includes some retailer discounts for you, as well as some useful info on how to maintain your board and how to tune it the right way and will be improved and updated with new tricks continuously. These instructions indeed do help to picture how to turn/spin or move when throwing down new tricks, which is quite often a common barrier when learning new spins as you know. This is where the latest update (release in 5 days) on the Tricklist app comes in, as it will also include then dope video tutorials, what makes the app the best trick tip guide you can carry with you.

Sometimes when you see the pros doing tricks it is hard to imagine how you could ever do them yourself. By reading the trick basics it helps you build a mental picture of the steps needed to do it yourself. This app offers not only the normal kicker tricks and crowd-pleasers, but also a few quirky ones that you can bust out subtly.“ says Head Olympic rider Dan Wakeham on the app, who worked with uStomp on this together.

Infos about a possible Android version dropping aren’t any out yet.

Check out the uStomp Tricklist app and download it right here.

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