WEARE 2012 – CAPITALS in Helsinki

WEARE 2012 - CAPITALS in Helsinki

The WEARE 2012 Productions from Russia is working on their next project called CAPITALS, that will be dropping in this year’s fall. WEARE and the Terror Snow bunch is not releasing that frequently new footy of them, but they’ve got a deep ass bag of tricks and serious riders such as Denis Leontiev, Max Sibiryakov, Brendan Gerard, Alexander Osokin,Ivan Gribkov, Igor Kulakov, Artem Smolin, Yura Rudchick, Filipp Ananin, Anton Borodachev, Maxim Tikhonov, Roma Papa, Kostya Berejevsky and Vadim Taran. Check back soon for more of these heads and enjoy for now some b-footy with the guys, of their trip to Helsinki they did in this season.

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