Yu-Go First – Spring shred in Czech Republic

Yu-Go First – Spring shred in Czech Republic

Our friends of the Yu-Go bunch are on fire lately and sent us another cool edit of theirs, putting it down this time in Czech territory. You know, that Euro country where you can eat damn cheap and get the best beer ever? In late March Matic Zavodnik, Nejc Ferjan, Dejan Hodžič, Žiga Erlač, Luka Podlogar, Luka Krajnik and Anja Štefan stopped by at the 6th Burton Spindl Spring Session and sent it from the park, before partying the shit out of that location there.

Stay tuned for more of the Yu-Go First crew to drop here in future as we’re still waiting for their 2012 teaser and more rad edits to drop here soon!

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