Barf Bags – A2M FULL MOVIE

Barf Bags – A2M FULL MOVIE

If you think that you  already saw everything thanks to their wonderful style of random bulshitness combined with snowboarding by the Helgason bros, you’re damn wrong! The Barf Bags is a bunch of homies of Eiki and Halldør and if you thought that the brothers were rough, peep that shit right here. Throw ups, hard urban steeze, dicks (yeah right, dicks..), and more party stuff meet a bunch of friends who don’t hesitate on doing shit! Scandi snowboarding stays being the most fun, gnarliest and hardest action you can find out there probably. Enjoy Sölvi B. Helgason, Matthías Arnarson, Ísak Kristinn Har∂arson, Gunnar Vi∂aar Gunnarsson, Sindri Steinarsson, Svavar Jensen and Hákon Traustason.

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