Lukas Lerperger – In Good Faith FULL MOVIE

Lukas Perperger – In Good Faith FULL MOVIE

We announced it before and here it is. Lukas Lerperger’s very own and very first full length snowboard film called In Good Faith. It won’t be your typical snowboard flick you’re expecting, as Lukas has got an own style of his and you notice that in the sound and visually too. In this first non-sponsored flick he went shooting with most of his Austrian rippers including Florian Galler, Georg Obermeissner, Sebi Müller, Gerald Fuchs, Georg Ischepp, Florian Pötzl, David Struber and more. Enjoy roughly 24 minutes of urban Austrian up comers, that will keep up making noise in future in our beloved Euroland.


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