The Mad Ones – FULL MOVIE

The Mad Ones – FULL MOVIE

ESPN’s Liam Gallagher made it happen and dropped one of the most inspiring snowboard features you will see in this season. What started as a web series, was planned to finish off with one full length snowboard film, including extra footage smashed together of the web series, called The Mad Ones. The series already was real gourmet shit, watching how Liam plays around with all these artsy looking visuals and the overall style. The series and so does the film, are originally inspired by the Beat Generation, specifically the writings of Jack Kerouac.The full length feature topped the series by far and is fucking insane. 53 minutes of snowboarding extravaganza that is so good. Take your time, crack open a cold one and enjoy one of the best snowboard movies you will get to see this season.

The Mad Ones are: Forest Bailey, Forrest Burki, Patrick McCarthy, Shaun McKay, Wyatt Stasinos, Nick Russell, Kael Martin, Bryan Fox, Mark Landvik, Lucas Debari, Nick Ennen, Scott Blum, Dan Liedahl, Alex Beebe, Will Lavigne, Jamie Lynn, Sebi Geiger, Marco Feichtner, Atsushi Hasegawa, Kohei Kudo, Austin Hironaka and many more.


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