Mark Hoyt 11-12 Season Edit

Mark Hoyt 11-12 Season Edit

Our friend and Now Snowboarding homie Mark Hoyt dropped his season edit already weeks before, but we had to space out on it, due to having too much work to handle here and because we didn’t want to let it get drowned here among these post masses. Mark is this season more up to cross the country a little bit and looks forward to get to shred as much and as much different stuff as possible. It always got said from our Now Snowboarding buddies that Mark would be sort of the most progressive rider among everybody there and you could see already some rad moves and styles by the end of last season by his person. His season edit is a bomb literally that will blow you away considering quite everything, wether we’re talking about air time, spins, style or trick difficulty. Time for an ITW Mark, we want to know what’s up in detail. You guys re-watch meanwhile his edit, you won’t have a problem with that.

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