ViaMontana & Ragamuffins – Say What?! FULL MOVIE

ViaMontana & Ragamuffins – Say What?! FULL MOVIE

The ViaMontana & Ragamuffins bunch from Germany dropped now their Say What?! movie that features riding by Ruben Kühr, Fabian Degenhart, Hans Rehberger, Christoph Krieger, Peter Ohlemüller, Robin Witte, Alex Kempe, Jonas Krämer, Vasco Kühr, Philipp Müller, Olli Schade, Bastian Hasslinger, Tristan Fiedler, Max Langer, Yannik Furger, Bruno Riemenschneider and Henning Rabe. These guys as we already said when posting their teaser, do have a good finger on the edit and clearly enjoy snowboarding together, but you don’t necessarily get the trick level you would expect from a flick that is well made like this one. The guys have a concept and tried to be creative concerning the intro sequences of the riders and other aspects and didn’t do bad on this if you ask us.

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