Kalle Ohlson interview – part I

Kalle Ohlson is a Swedish bad ass. Last year’s opener part in the 10th Pirate movie „Bottom Line„, another part for Random Bastards „Tentacle Movie and overall just solid banger shots, no matter if we’re talking urban jibs or backcountry jumps now.  Recently we have been enjoying more of Kalle’s action through his check-in edits and the Pirate warm ups. Now we’ve had the chance to meet up with Kalle in Düsseldorf (Germany) this week before he continued his journey to the Wängl Tängl in Mayrhofen, to talk a bit about the Pirates, movie parts and more stuff. Stay tuned for part II to drop soon.

Kalle rides for Artec, Oxbow, adidas Eyewear, Vans and Union.


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