The Bone Zone – R.I.P.

The Bone Zone - R.I.P.

First and sad things first, hu?

We usually post this kind of messages „in our biz“ when losing someone, due to „Mother Nature“ and its actions, or because of the lack of precautions taken in the backcountry for example. However, this one is different now to the usual, but not less impacting: The infamous Bone Zone is gone for good as it looks like. Not only the SLC community, but also the entire Snowboarding community is touched in a way. The Bone Zone, a secret and hidden spot in the SLC woods, was home to certain group of friends to hang around, ride their own self-made wooden features, BBQs and get wasted while having good times and sharing this time with your shred homies. But again it was more. You have to think about what it must take to get that sort of fame on snowboarding’s internet, that European platforms and its snowboarding community know perfectly about a local secret spot in Utah, obviously due to all the edits and vids that came out and were filmed there. According to „the Yo“, Ted Borland was the first person to know about it and found all the wooden features at the Bone Zone, sawed in half. Apparently Forest Service „stumbled“ over the spot and got to work.  Yeah thanks authorities, fuck you too!

..just to give you an idea -in case you didn’t know about yet- we put you here their latest edit of this year’s Halloween, plus the full length flick of the Bone Zone of 2012.

+ + + + BTW! __ the Lunch Ramp Gang is throwing out now a full film or something, as a reaction to these news here, called Bone Zone A.D., check it out right here! + + + + 


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