Garbage Gang -Who Cares? FULL MOVIE

Garbage Gang -Who Cares? FULL MOVIE

Our homies of the Garbage Gang from Milan, Italy released their first sponsored full length flick called Who Cares? and endless weeks of waiting the moment has finally come. After their last year’s flick Believers (watch it here) you can clearly see that these headz aren’t only more motivated than last year, but do they seem also to have stepped up their game huuuugely since they got their home now at the Rough Snowboards familia. More creativity and solid tricks, sames as a bunch of cameos of other Euro crews and guest parts and an overall better organized film that just looks dope, is what you get this year from the Garbage Fam. Enough of the kisses. Hit play and enjoy cool-ass snowboarding by Achille Mauri, Devid De Palma, Garbage Gang, Gianmarco Maiocco, Isidor Diaz Coma, Jacopo Lazzari, Marco Morandi, Matteo Ferraris, Matteo Tuberosa, Mich Dalle, Michele Lobrano and Thibaut Pomarat.

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