Random Bastards – Blue Balls From Behind

Random Bastards – Blue Balls From Behind

The Random Bastards from Sweden celebrate this year their first decade in the snowboarding game and are about to bring out their biggest project so far that is already known as Blue Balls. Sometimes the filmers leave their cams rollong, even though their ain’t nothing really to shoot at the moment, but as urban snowboarding includes plenty of confrontations with authorities and others, it might be quite entertaining. The guys smahsed some footy of these moments together and finished this second behind the scenes teaser off, by adding 5 other more minutes with pure action. You that this thing is going to be rad. Digg it!

If you haven’t watched the 1st teaser, go here!

Blue Balls will be cuming out in September very soon now on your screens, including riding by Brandon Hobush, Clemens Schattschneider, Hans Åhlund, Erik Karlsson, Toni Kerkelä, Viktor Wiberg, Ludde Lejkner, Jonte Linde, Dylan Alito, Jocke Rasmussen, Philip Grund, Zebbe Landmark, Zach Rawles, Nejc Ferjan, Eric Johansson and Kalle Ohlsson.

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